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Thriving Together.

One part individuality and one part community. Living fully is a lifestyle we do best.

A Holistic Method.

Enrichment is a comprehensive approach to living that focuses on 6 keystones of successful living. Each keystone is tailored specifically to you and your unique individuality.

Physical wellness
Recreational living
Social engagement
Intellectual fitness
Spiritual fulfillment
Environmental sustainability


All About You.

Villaggio's culture reflects our residents and their immense wealth of aspirations, skills, passions, and knowledge. You can join or lead at your own discretion and your opportunities are substantial. Our community includes lifelong learning, social and recreational events, performing arts, Villaggio piazza events, exhibitions, volunteerism, and much more. If you have an idea for enrichment you want brought to life, we'll work with you to create it.

Always an Opportunity to Connect.

Why wait for Villaggio to open? We're building our friendships and community culture today. You're more than welcome to join in the fun.



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