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Membership Spotlight - Tom and Polly Tatton


In 1995 Tom and Polly met at the right time in their lives, fell in love and decided to walk together into their future. Their differences appear obvious: a farm girl from Iowa meets a city boy from L.A.; a disciplined nurse paired with a creative, spontaneous music teacher. Yet, their commonalities are powerful and compelling: curious minds; love of travel; interests in music; caring and nurturing personalities; strong family ties, and a need to “give back” to a world that gave them so much. They serve the less fortunate through programs at the church they attend. Polly is very active in the Friends of the Elephant Seal docent program organized in San Simeon, sings with the church choir, and regularly plays bridge. Tom plays chess and still plays his viola, on occasion. He is a Lion and serves the local community through that organization. Tom remains active as a “string music judge” for youthful musicians and volunteers for state and national music organizations. Their overseas travels have taken them to Canada, Mexico, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Africa. They make a yearly trip to Iowa for the large family Thanksgiving, and Tom’s family meet in Pismo Beach each Veteran’s Day; and with their children and grandchildren residing in Washington D.C. and family in New Jersey, there are also periodic trips to the east coast. The Tatton’s feel the greatest gift they can give their daughter is to take care of their own future - A worry-free journey residing in an active lifestyle environment is what they believe Villaggio can provide.