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Membership Spotlight - Mia Mitchell Simmons

Mia Mitchell Simmons, a fourth generation Californian, was raised in Pasadena along with her younger brother, spending family summers on the Little Island of Balboa, and graduating from  Whittier College. Mia and her husband Robert moved to Los Osos from Santa Monica in 1979. Robert was a tenured professor at CSULA, so he commuted from Los Osos. Mia worked locally as an office manager for a small architectural firm, then in Sierra Vista  Hospital’s business office, and finally for a local law firm. When Robert took an early retirement from CSULA, and began his consulting practice both locally and in the Western United States, Mia managed his office. Mia is a Certified Emotional Freedom  Techniques Practitioner. She enjoys traveling to visit family and friends in California, the Mid-West, and East Coast. She dabbles in writing poetry, practices Tai Chi, is passionate about interior design and taking care of her garden. She is a member of Villaggio’s  Volunteer Committee and enjoys attending many of the Villaggio events. Since Robert’s passing in 2013, Mia wasn’t sure where she ultimately wanted to live, until a friend sent her a Villaggio email newsletter. With all the amenities and activities Villaggio has to offer, Mia is looking forward to living in SLO and starting a new chapter of her life at Villaggio.