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Meet our Senior Director: Rebecca Johnson

They say time is precious, and the last two years have certainly been that for Rebecca Johnson, Senior Director of Villaggio at San Luis Obispo. Rebecca discovered her passion for the Senior Living industry 8 years ago when she joined the team of a developing Life Plan Community near Pasadena, California. Fortuitously, in late 2015, Rebecca met the Villaggio development team, and by 2016 she and her sister were relocating to San Luis Obispo to start the SLO life. Little did Rebecca know that within the first two years of living in San Luis, she would rediscover community theatre, find a beautiful home, receive a job promotion, fall in love… and get married.

In 2016, Rebecca began her work with Villaggio at San Luis Obispo, and she quickly immersed herself into SLO’s incredible culture. After a long hiatus, Rebecca was inspired to audition for her first show at the (then) SLO Little Theatre, got cast, and has now performed in multiple SLO Rep productions. Rebecca has always been passionate about theatre arts, an especially musical theatre where singing, dancing, and acting all collide. What Rebecca never imagined was that she would meet the love of her life, through the theatre, particularly in her first year of living in San Luis. After capturing one another’s hearts on and off stage, last April, Rebecca and her husband, Zach Johnson, were married on a private ranch in Paso Robles amongst family and friends completed by music and dancing against a backdrop of vineyards. Rebecca’s husband, Zach, is a professional director, choreographer, and actor who has been working with various theatrical companies in San Luis County for the last 10 years. Rebecca and Zach are happy homeowners in San Luis Obispo. They are both passionate about travel, including summer vacations to Colorado, and 4 countries in the last year and a honeymoon abroad planned for this fall.

In early 2018, Rebecca was promoted to Senior Director for Villaggio at San Luis Obispo, which includes Directorship of Sales, Marketing, Communications, and Community Enrichment for the future residents of Villaggio. Rebecca is passionate about developing a culture with lifelong growth and learning opportunities for older adults. “We now know the most powerful successful living tools we have are the life choices we make, so choose wisely and embrace life’s changes. It’s the key to living long and living well” says Rebecca.    

Rebecca also serves on the San Luis Chamber Business Council, and she holds degrees and certifications in art design, communications, and social behavioral sciences. She is a former resale small business owner in Portland, Oregon, and Southern California, and she still enjoys thrift shopping and antiquing. Rebecca loves her family and animals, especially her dog, Honey, who is 18 years of age and spends her retirement years alongside Rebecca’s parents in the Bear Valley Springs Mountains. Rebecca is a proud supporter of world animal protection for bears and donkeys and hopes to one day adopt a donkey or two.