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Meet our Front Desk Coordinator: Summer Aburashed

Summer Aburashed was born and raised in San Luis Obispo.  She loves everything our small town has to offer, while still being close to larger cities throughout California.  After graduating from California State University, Northridge with a bachelor’s degree in City Planning and returning home to SLO, Summer wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do.  She started doing temp work in administrative positions to get a feel of what is out there.  She worked at Morris & Garritano Insurance Services for over two years.  “I love working in administration because I feel like I learn so much about different departments in the company”.

After two years of working at the same company, the travel bug hit her, and off she went for 3 months to the Middle East and Europe.  Upon returning home, Summer found herself at the temporary agency once again and found work at Villaggio.  Summer became a permanent employee at Villaggio in May 2018.  She also works part-time for the City of San Luis Obispo as a recording secretary for multiple advisory bodies.  This is how Summer first became aware of Villaggio, at a Planning Commission meeting where Villaggio did a preliminary review presentation.  Summer recalled the incredible number of community members that came to speak about the need for Villaggio in San Luis Obispo.  When the temp agency called with an opportunity for employment at Villaggio, Summer jumped at the opportunity to work for a company that is being built from the ground up.  “When I first started working at Villaggio, I felt like I already had a connection with everyone since I had already learned about Villaggio from members of the project themselves.  I’m excited for the opportunity to build a community with the team at Villaggio”.

When summer isn’t working, she’s often spending time with her beautiful niece and nephew.  She loves SLO for all the hikes and local coffee shops it has to offer.