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Learn More About Villaggio, Life Plan Communities, and Living Fully.

A Proven Way to Achieve Goals: Positive Thinking Won't Get You There

We’ve been told to think positively and keep our chin up: both in the service of making our dreams come true. But there's a problem. Science repeatedly shows that rose colored glasses make us less likely to achieve our goals. Instead, Gabriele Oettingen offers a technique that is scientifically proven to increase our success and uses positivity in a helpful format. It's called WOOP: Wish + Outcome + Obstacle + Plan.

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Understanding Villaggio's Timeline

Vic Montgomery, of RRM Design Group of San Luis Obispo, is handling the entitlement process for Villaggio as part of John Madonna's Froom Ranch development. 

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Why Life Plan Communities are the Highest Standard of Retirement Living

We all want to age vibrantly, empowered, and with dignity. And we want our financial security to stay stable, even when faced with long-term care needs. There is one retirement living option that provides both vibrant living and financial security, Life Plan Communities.

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Grab That Book!

Ever feel guilty whiling away an hour or two engrossed in a good book? Does reading seem like an indulgence best saved for the weekends or vacation? Do you feel like you haven't accomplished anything if you've spent too much time curled up on the couch with your latest library find?

Well, worry no more! The science is in and we now have proof that reading a good story is good for you. 

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Let's Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and many of us are starting to think about what foods we will be serving and who will be encircling our holiday tables. Whether you'll be hosting a grand event or simply gathering with a few close friends, it's also a great time of year to consider cultivating a habit of daily gratitude.

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Hiking and Villaggio

Villaggio at San Luis Obispo will be connected to some of the most breathtaking walking trails in the county. The grounds for our community are directly adjacent and will connect to the Irish Hills Natural Reserve which boasts over 8 miles of trails. 

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Rebecca Gruett

Not long ago, Rebecca Gruett met the founders of Villaggio at San Luis Obispo. At the time, Rebecca was working at a Life Plan Community, MonteCedro in Pasadena, where she served as Director of Life Enrichment for four years, and was promoted to Regional Director of Life Enrichment for the parent organization, Episcopal Communities and Services.

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Julie Howard: MSG and NHA

When asked how she became a Residency Counselor for the planned Villaggio at San Luis Obispo, Julie Howard excitedly says, “serendipity!” She was working for Cuesta College, teaching through the Emeritus program for older adults, serving as Faculty Lead.

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Make a Memorable "Stay-cation"

For many of us, Summer is a season that is synonymous with “vacation.” It’s the time of year when a lot of folks set out in search of new horizons and new adventures. But what do you do when traveling, for whatever reason, is not an option? Does Summer still hold the promise of rejuvenation and relaxation? You bet!

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